Treating the water in a portable evaporative cooler water tank

We’ve answered some of our most common ones in video form and answered even more in the text below. If after going through these, you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at What assembly is required? How do I prepare my evaporative cooler for storage? Drain the evaporative cooler, dry out the evaporative media, cover the evaporative cooler and store in a dry place. I just ran my evaporative cooler for the first time and there is an unpleasant odor. Our unique design and manufacturing technique, together with our superior materials, enable our products to perform efficiently within a wide range of conditions. When installed correctly, our evaporative media products allow complete molecular evaporation of water ensuring a pure, clean stream of air. When new, it is possible that a small amount of aromatic molecules may evaporate along with the water molecules, which could be detected as a slight smell. This scent lessens in time.

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They are one of the largest non-residential water consumers. Water that falls through the tower is cooled due to evaporation and then returned to the top of the tower. The water that drops into the basin is on average 10 degrees F cooler than the water returned to the top. The towers vary in size from small roof-top units to very large structures; the taller the tower the greater the temperature drop. Water is lost from a cooling tower by evaporation, drift, and bleed-off water used to carry away tower-damaging mineral buildup; also known as blow-down.

Treating the water in a portable evaporative cooler water tank Hi, I have an Arctic Cove CFM portable swamp cooler. The owners manual states that every time I am not using the cooler I must drain all of the water out of it to discourage undesirable bacteria growth.

Most evaporative coolers, also called swamp coolers, sit outdoors on rooftops, in windows or on bases ducted [More] How to Clean Greenhouse Evaporative Cooling Pads Category: An evaporative cooler or swamp cooler moves air through a porous pad. The pad is often rotated through a water trough to keep it moist. Moisture evaporation can leave behind a b [More] How to stop mineral build-up on evaporator cooler pads Category: Mineral deposits that collect on the cooling pads cause water to be diverted around them, resulting in areas where water is not evaporated [More] Category: The cooling system regulates your processor chip’s overall temperature and prevents overheating.

Before going out and purchasing a new tank, try the coffee remedy. When the hot air evaporates the water in the pads, it creates a lower air temperature. This creates the cooler air that enters your home.

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All testimonials are copied just the way we receive them and we thank everyone for their willingness to share their experiences with all of us. A few Model K2 Customer comments: I also want to say thank you. I’m a mail carrier and you have no idea how much the MightyKool K2 has helped me stay completely cool and comfortable in my mail truck. Those trucks are built with the engine placed way too close to the driver and that engine heat combined with the Florida heat and humidity is extremely brutal.

The MightyKool has helped me far more than any other product I’ve ever tried.

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Some formatting inconsistencies may be evident in older archive content. As warm weather comes upon us, many people in the western United States will be starting up or replacing evaporative coolers, or buying them for the first time. Proper installation and maintenance of these systems is very important, and recent improvements in the technology change how to best handle these tasks. This makes them an excellent option, particularly in hot, dry areas of the country. An evaporative cooler is a simple device consisting of a fan and a water-wetted pad.

A small pump recirculates water from a sump which is part of the cooler cabinet to keep the pad wet.

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The trade names in this page are owned by their respective companies or are the same name as the company. They are mentioned for comparison purposes only. Our Stainless Steel Sensors accurately measure water level regardless of water quality, without failing or corroding. We offer a direct replacement cooling tower water level controls that have a 15 year expected duty life with very little to no maintenance required.

Our Cooling Tower Sensor uses stainless steel probes with up to six functions to maintain the water level, alert the facility manager of high or low levels, cut off a basin heater, and read the water temperature. All of these functions are controlled by software, which can be directly connected to the Building Management System using dry contacts.

How to Install an Outdoor Misting System A misting pump is a reliable, economical way of providing outdoor cooling. Ed Del Grande gives the step-by-step instructions for .

Evaporative or swamp cooling can keep home temperatures down. Step 1 Calculate the cooler air volume required for your home by multiplying three figures. If your home is 2, square feet with eight-foot ceilings and 30 air exchanges are needed per hour, then the cooler must provide , cubic feet per hour of air. This equals 8, cubic feet per minute, which is the required air capacity of the cooler.

Local equipment dealers can provide assistance with equipment selection to meet your needs. Step 2 Determine a location for the cooler on the roof of your home. Inspect the inside of your roof and locate roof joists. The cooler ductwork needs a clear unobstructed path from the roof to the home ceiling. Avoid existing wiring, light fixtures or other obstructions. Once a location has been determined, mark the inside of the roof centered between two roof joists.

Step 3 Use the cooler duct and a pencil or marking pen to mark the shape of the duct on the inside of the roof.

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Understanding when to run the propane furnace vs. We also have two propane Furnaces for heating the RV; the furnace in the bedroom is 25, btu and the furnace in the living area is 20, btu. All of this is controlled with the industry standard digital RV Comfort thermostat controller at least for most class A RVs. So there ya go!

The swamp cooler pads will need to be changed before it is used again after the winter months. When to change the pads is really up to you. Some people like to change the pads as part of the winterizing process so that when spring comes they can just hook the water up and be ready to go.

In the peak of the summer heat here in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho they are often turned on early in the morning and left to run well into the evening. Swamp cooler maintenance is important to make sure the unit is running efficiently. Regular maintenance by a HVAC professional ensures that the cooler will have a long life span and swamp cooler repairs are kept to a mimimum. Swamp Cooler Maintenance Evaporative coolers at the beginning of the season should be cleaned, oiled and checked for problems.

Our water here in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho is very hard and a swamp cooler can accumulate a lot of mineral build up inside over the course of a season. This mineral can clog the blower motor, water pump as well as contribute to the rusting of the cooler casing. It also makes the cooler very inefficient. The motor and bearings need to be oiled at least once a season to ensure that they operate properly.

A blower motor that is not oiled properly will eventually seize and burn out the motor. How does a swamp cooler work? A swamp cooler works by drawing the hot outside air through a wet pad. The water in the pad evaporates, cooling the air before it is brough t into the house.

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Our Company was originally established to provide supplies and equipment to the railroad and sawmill industries. We stock a large variety of products and have the capability to manufacture many items to individual specifications. Our professional staff provides in-depth knowledgeable and exceptional personal assistance to customers worldwide.

The ECON MaxCool Pump is designed for use The ECON MaxCool Pump is designed for use in small to medium Volt evaporative coolers rated up to 5 CFM of air delivery. It is UL classified for safety and features a low level design ensuring normal operation even if the cooler’s water level drops to as low as /5(4).

The evaporative cooler module is designed to deliver cool and humidified air in regions with a hot dry climate. Units are designed for indoor or outdoor installation. Packages are available in sizes that can handle up to 20, CFM. Units have a large access door on the side to provide access to all electrical components and to facilitate the removal of filters.

Standard features include 12″ thick Celdek media. Units consist of a galvanized enclosure with removable 12″ media and pre-piped, pre-wired controls. Units are designed to work on standard water line pressure, and have a built in moisture control and temperature switch. All modules bolt together to form a rigid common base structure that mount onto a single curb structure. Operating Principals On a call for cooling when the outside air reaches a level above the built-in thermostat set-point , the internal solenoid is powered allowing water to flow through the manifold and out through discharge nozzles.

Water leaving the nozzles saturates the face and top of the CELDEK media and eventually soaks the thickness of the 12″ media.

A T-drain for a Swamp Cooler Water Line

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