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What is a Missionary? Ordination is the sacramental ceremony in which a man becomes a deacon, priest, or bishop and enabled to minister in Christ’s name and that of the Church. There are three ordinations in the Sacrament of Holy Orders: The ordination ceremony includes various rituals, rich in meaning and history, e. When does the ordination actually take place? The essential rite of the sacrament, i. This is an ancient tradition in the Church, mentioned in the Bible. Who can ordain priests?

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Our Consultation strongly endorses the Aleppo Statement. The Aleppo Statement rightly calls attention to the centrality of Christ’s resurrection as the basis of our common faith. As “the ultimate expression of the Father’s gift of reconciliation and unity in Christ through the Spirit,” the resurrection “is a sign of the unity and reconciliation which God wills for the entire creation” paragraph 5. Yet by celebrating the feast of Christ’s resurrection, the Holy Pascha, or Easter, on different Sundays in the same year, “the churches give a divided witness” to this mystery, “compromising their credibility and effectiveness in bringing the Gospel to the world” paragraph 1.

It is a matter of concern in our own North American context.

Aug 29,  · Muslims around the world agree that Islam is the one true faith that leads to salvation. Many Muslims also say it is their religious duty to convert others to Islam.

Inter-religious marriage works in Nigeria? Interfaith marriages are legal in Nigeria. However, couples often face resistance and hostility, both from family members and religious leaders. How can you prevent a religious hurdle? Blogger, Emmanuella shares her experience marrying a muslim man. When I took my husband to my parents, my heart was beating fast! Infact, my old man is a Marriage Counsellor in church.

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A Field of Its Own It was a deeply moving conversation, but felt hardly out of the ordinary to have an Imam, a rabbi and even a Muslim scholar of Holocaust Studies on a panel moderated by a pastor. They seemed at home together — as did the many who gathered to watch and listen. Though the speakers passionately relayed stories from their own lives about Jewish and Muslim life on university campuses, they also drew forth a growing body of scholarly work and research related to each community.

Mehnaz Afridi , and Pastor Paul Raushenbush , were taking part in a larger academic conversation about the ways in which religious traditions connect, conflict, and collaborate. Their dialogue, I would submit, is part of the growing field of “Inter-Religious Studies” — one that is now being articulated at conferences and within institutions of higher learning across the country.

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Tom Chulak, Unitarian-Universalist minister. There are no rules Inter-faith marriages are those between persons from different religious traditions. Intra-faith marriages are between two persons from different denominations within the same religion. Each one is special. Some couples follow very different religions e. Others are members of similar faith groups within one religion e. Southern Baptists and Assembly of God. Some spouses have very little involvement with their faith; to others, religion forms the core of their life.

Some spouses see merit in faiths other than their own; at the other extreme, they may view other faiths as forms of Satanism. The degree of differences and amount of conflict vary widely from family to family. For simplicity, we will assume in this essay an intra-faith marriage between two Christians of different denominations.


Interfaith Dating You and your date are sitting in a corner booth, laughing over a clever joke. For hours, you’ve sat entranced, unwilling to give the slightest nod to others in the restaurant. You like him, he likes you.

Tough Love: Interfaith Dating You and your date are sitting in a corner booth, laughing over a clever joke. For hours, you’ve sat entranced, unwilling to give the slightest nod to others in the.

As Nietzsche says, “All contact is bad contact except with one’s equals. One of my friends is quite a bit older, I don’t see him that much because of different geography, and he’s not a very ambitious guy. But he’s very intelligent. The kind of guy you can have a great conversation with about almost anything. He’s also absolutely hilarious, has a really interesting perspective on the world. While him and I share nothing in common as far as life ambitions, I respect his way of seeing the world and his priorities, even though they’re not mine.

I do have one friend in med school who is a genius, and one friend in law school, plus another in grad school for film, another who completed grad school for film, and then my youngest friend is still in undergrad. Him and I have the most in common, thought-wise, and while sometimes his motivation isn’t the best, he is nonetheless a genius at what he does. Another of my friends, also older, speaks 4 languages fluently and 7 languages fairly well, and came to this country from the Middle East and made a lot of money in business here.

I really respect him, he’s a good guy, a loyal guy, and very intelligent. They all have one thing in common, which is a high IQ well above the average person. They also are outside-the-box thinkers, people who are able to engage in debate about complicated issues and understand dilemmas the average person would really rather not think much about.

Yet they also all can be a lot of fun, we can pour back beers and play poker and watch football, fairly ordinary activities, so we’re not intellectual snobs but I really respect my friends.


Historian Tom Holland, told the Times: The ancient pages were found bound alongside those of a younger copy of the Koran from the seventh century AD. It is thought they had been put together because the Hijazi script on the parchment was similar. They had been collected during the s by a Chaldean priest called Alphonse Mingana who put together a huge collection of documents from the Middle East. His expeditions to the Middle East were sponsored by Edward Cadbury, from the chocolate dynasty.

Tagged with: boy, conversion, dating, girl, Hajj, hindu, interfaith, interreligious, Islam, love, marriage, muslim, his ultimate requirement at the time we were dating was to protect me and make sure I do well to get into university. He never talked about me converting. His mother caught us on skype and didn’t like me because I’m not.

In it, the anonymous author describes the severe ostracism she and her husband faced from their families and communities because of their marriage. The piece was written at a time when there were relatively few intermarriages in the United States, and it was still common for Jewish parents to sever all ties with and literally sit shiva for a child who married a non-Jew. Since the second half of the 20th century—mainly as a result of greater secularization, assimilation and increased social mobility—American Jewish society has undergone a series of radical transformations.

Simultaneously, there has been a steep increase in intermarriage rates, particularly since the s. This number is higher in the Reform and Reconstructionist movements and somewhat lower in the Conservative movement. Intermarriage rarely if ever occurs in the Orthodox community, and when it does happen, people leave for other denominations. The very meaning of intermarriage has shifted with these demographic changes. In earlier periods, intermarriage was generally seen as a rejection of Jewish identity and a form of rebellion against the community.

Especially among younger Jews, intermarriage is often seen as unremarkable and fully compatible with being Jewish.

Interreligious Marriage in India Poses Pastoral Concerns

Regensburg Lecture In an address to the faculty at the University of Regensburg , Germany, [17] Benedict discussed the preconditions for an effective dialogue with Islam and other cultures. This requires a review of theology and science. Hence the human sciences , such as history , psychology , sociology and philosophy , attempt to conform themselves to this canon of science”. For philosophy and, albeit in a different way, for theology, listening to the great experiences and insights of the religious traditions of humanity , and those of the Christian faith in particular, is a source of knowledge , and to ignore it would be an unacceptable restriction of our listening and responding.

Only thus do we become capable of that genuine dialogue of cultures and religions so urgently needed today. In the Western world it is widely held that only positivistic reason and the forms of philosophy based on it are universally valid.

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My apologies for the delay in getting the regular content up here, things have been extraordinarily busy these last few days and will continue to be so for the next two weeks. I hope, nonetheless, to post periodically during this time, if on a slightly reduced schedule. Bonaventure University in Western New York co-teaching an undergraduate Honors Seminar in Interreligious Dialogue that runs for two weeks and is rather intensive.

This is a unique program that is jointly sponsored by St. Bonaventure and the Chautaqua Institution. In addition to the significant reading and seminar requirements, faculty lectures from me and Prof. Susan Abraham , from Harvard Divinity School and fellow instructor, the students will spend a week at the Chautauqua Institution attending an array of lectures, participate in worship services, experience creative and musical performances, and have the opportunity to meet as a class with some world-renown speakers in the area of inter-faith work and dialogue.

4 Questions to Ask in an Interfaith Relationship

October 28, at 5: She told him he needs to be good and find a good Muslim wife and have kids. She told him this life is a test and we should only worry about after.

Feb 22,  · The MacDonald Center at Hartford Seminary came forth from a dedication to Muslim-Christian understanding dating Interreligious and Interfaith of Inter-Religious Studies .

Church History – annu Published for LOR The Annuarium Statisticum Ecclesiae, compiled by the Central Office for Statistics of the Church, gives the most important data for assessing the changing characteristics of pastoral activity from to Church History – 11feb. HTM – 16th Plenary Meeting: Church History – zcant1adv In his first Advent sermon for , Capuchin Father Raniero Cantalamessa, preacher of the pontifical household, begins a survey of Church history, with a focus on key principles governing the spread of the Gospel, in light of which the New Evangelization may proceed.

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