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He was also the interim CEO while his father was incarcerated. Contents Biography Before the Pilot Jamal had shown signs of being effeminate when he was a child, and was thrown in the trash by his father , who did not want a son like that. His mother, Cookie , stood up for him, but after her incarceration, he grew up without her for 17 years, during which his father often abused him in an attempt to toughen him up to “make him into a man”. Jamal had released a self-titled album nearly ten years ago, at age 18, however it did not have wide commercial success outside of Williamsburg or Berkeley. Lucious announces that both Jamal and Hakeem will be releasing albums this year. However, Jamal, revealed to be gay, doubts that he will be chosen prior to their relationship and the African-American homophobia in the community. He refuses to be involved in the music industry because of it. A flashback shows Jamal visiting his mother in jail as a child. Cookie views Jamal as “different,” but shows her acceptance of him regardless. It is evident that Jamal’s relationship with his father is tense.

Empire Recap: Are Cookie and Lucious Getting Back Together

Gray, left doesn’t trust Cookie’s Taraji P. Henson, right new lover Laz Adam Rodriguez, not pictured and how he deals with Lyon Dynasty business on “Empire” episode 7. Henson spending three days in bed with her new lover Laz Adam Rodriguez. Lucious, meanwhile, is in the studio with Freda Gatz Bre-Z helping get the most out of his artist on a new track on which he wants her to rap with him. Laz meets with one of his fellow gang members, who wants Laz to stay focused on business and less on Cookie.

Mimi Marisa Tomei returns and suggests Empire purchase a streaming service called Swift Stream to break into the music streaming business.

Watch video · Lucious makes a veiled threat toward Cookie’s new man, Angelo, who, to his credit, isn’t backing down. We know Lucious is ready to battle, but how .

Andre is also propositioned with helping the Feds find out more information about Lucious. Anika thinks something is wrong and asks him if she should call an ambulance, but a woman suddenly comes from under the desk wiping her mouth. Anika is disgusted and storms out of the office, but she has something in store for Lucious. Andre Trai Byers is also released from jail. Jamal Jussie Smollett is also still dealing with his post-traumatic stress disorder and goes to a group meeting for help.

After getting released from jail, Andre heads over to Empire Records. Cookie and Lucious are furious about what the cops did to him and Lucious says he wants his lawyer Thirsty Andre Royo to handle the cops. Grams also flirts with Tiana and kisses her after their performance. Hakeem is angry and wants to fight Gram, but Lucious tells him to get back at the rapper by recording a diss track.

‘Empire’ Season 2 Spoilers: What Will Mimi Whiteman Do Next After Betraying Cookie

Before we get into that, though, I just wanted to mention once more what a huge surprise Empire has been this season as a new drama series. The short-season format for broadcast has also worked to its benefit. But of course, nothing has made the show shine more than Taraji P. What drew you in to Empire, Chris, and where do we even start with what just happened?

Lucious takes Cookie aside and tells her that he got Giuliana to take her off the blacklist and she’s allowed to attend the party, but she’s to stay at Hakeem’s side and can’t be backstage. Cookie’s not thrilled, Lucious warns her not to act up because this opening is a big deal for the company.

Their dance and their kiss happened in the same room where a couple episodes ago we saw Lucious proposing to Anika. And it was clear from the moment they appeared on screen together. That said, we also believe everything Lucious says he means. And how many men have we known just like that? As I understand it, that was Taraji all the way.

She just spent 17 years in jail and suddenly she can pull of an impromptu speech to help generate support for an IPO? She has some skills and she knew what she was doing. And Lucious knows that when he chooses her. That part of the character is a lot of Cookie and a lot of Taraji. These are real characters who behave this way in life.

It was inevitable from the very beginning that Cookie and Lucious were going to hook up. But we knew when in the season it would happen and why it would happen. I love it too, and I love those actors, I love them together, they have so much fun — and we should probably do an outtake reel from that scene. How long will we play with the grey area of whether or not this is his biological child?

“Empire”: First season 2 teaser features #FreeLucious concert and Cookie in a cage

Terrence Howard and Taraji P. During a meeting with Vernon Malik Yoba , Lucious reveals he wants to give Cookie the same amount of shares as their sons, hoping that giving her more control in the company will soften her up so that they can get re-married with a prenup. At the office, Malcolm Derek Luke approaches Cookie to tell her that he has betrayed his boss by falling in love with his wife.

That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles we got a clumsily staged rebound hookup between Hakeem and Anika that had all of the dramatic impact of opening the wrong closet door. Is Lucious’s.

Henson and Lucious’ Terrence Howard are back together as business partners, and there’s even a hint at a romantic reconciliation. But is it just set up for another epic Lyon brawl? We got a few hints they might want each other back, from Hakeem’s zinger — “I ain’t getting King Kong and Godzilla back together! You might want to send for some vinegar and water. These two are so Lemonade: Cookie needs a thug and Lucious needs a ride-or-die chick. Where else would either of them go?

Six times Lucious Lyon reminded us he’s basically the devil this season By the end of it all — after Anika Grace Gealey has been rushed to the hospital with pregnancy complications; Jamal Jussie Smollett and Michael Rafael de La Fuente look like they might rebound; Hakeem Bryshere Gray has a bottles-and-models orgy before his engagement is broken off and then back on again; and we get a glimpse of Becky Gabourey Sidibe with the good hair?! He keeps enemies close, and since Cookie has more dirt on him than anybody and will do anything for her sons including Andre Trai Byers , who’s just discovered his father had been lying to him about his grandmother , he definitely has reason to keep her in check.

The episode ends, after all, with a shot of Cookie’s back, suggesting that’s exactly what we should all be watching.

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Report Story Tianna and I sat across from each other on the patio of my Penthouse as we shared a private candle lit dinner for two. Anika and I were never anything but that one night hook-up to make my dad jealous so I’m a free man. When Cookie and I talked to Tianna that night at the restaurant when Anika was trying to get her to defect with her to Creedmoore, she told me that she wanted us to get back together and be how we used to be.

I resisted at first, because I really thought that I was in love with Camilla and I was really trying to be faithful.

The Lyon family — Lucious is enough — but then to have Cookie and then you get the boys, you got a back out and throw in the towel. I think she knows her place to a certain extent.

Salute that woman because she is the show, the after party, and the hotel. Meanwhile, Naomi Campbell is lost in contemporary colloquialism, Jamal has lost his boo thang, and once again, Andre has lost his damn mind. Does hip-hop really require this much showmanship to sell itself in ? I should probably stop belaboring this point, but these potential investors were treated to a concert, some Cirque du Soleil-like shit, and an all you can eat rich people food buffet to help a rap label go public.

In , no less, when hip-hop has long proven its money-making potential. What is a bae? These two are playing Kylie and Tyga. Shout out to Amber Rose. Leave it to Lucious to bond with his son Jamal over the prospect of him knocking up a woman he forced him to have a sham marriage with years ago. Even before they take a paternity test.

Empire Season 2 Episode 4 Recap (VIDEOS)

Report Story No one’s pov: Rocky was at Anika’s newest addition’s video shoot. It was a collaboration of Empire’s newest client, Tiana and one of the most soulful singers in the world that just so happen to be under Empire’s label, V.

Colin Gray/MTV News TV ‘Empire’ Stars Fill Us In On The Straight Up Crazy Finale It’s Cookie vs. Boo Boo Kitty and we are so ready.

At Empire, Cookie is not feeling Harper, the reporter that has gotten close to Lucious. She can see right through her. During an ASA event, Jamal does not hide his angst and frustration with his father while speaking to reporters. Cookie stands as the go-between for Lucious and Jamal, and as much as she tries smooth things over, they are game for whatever. Andre, wanting to help his family and himself tells his mother that he wants to go public with his condition.

Dre reasons with his brothers and finally gets them to agree. Later, Jamal and Becky do a walk through at Empire for the fundraiser and guess who is there working for the caterer? Their eyes lock, and Jamal is very cordial to him, forgiving even. They end up going to a lounge later that night and chilling. Could a reconciliation be in the works for these two lovers? After losing Laura, Hakeem puts his focus on getting ready for his baby. Cookie showed up at her house to have a conversation, but as she entered, paramedics rush Anika to the ambulance on a stretcher.

While things heat up between Lucious and Harper, he gets the text about Anika.

Boob(s On Your) Tube: Meet The Queer Contestants on “Top Chef”

Ne-Yo Empire was renewed for a second season on January 17, , by Fox after only two episodes had aired. Henson will play Cookie Lyon , Lucious’ outspoken ex-wife and mother of his three sons, who served 17 years in prison, and have now made a hostile takeover for Empire Entertainment with Anika, Andre and Hakeem. Lucious and Cookie have three sons: Jussie Smollett will play Jamal Lyon , the middle son and “black sheep” of the Lyon family, a talented, gay singer-songwriter who has been given control over Empire from his father, Lucious.

The second season ended with Lucious having to marry his ex Anika (Grace Gealey) despite professing his feelings for Cookie (and knowing full well how she felt about him). A stoic Cookie then told.

Having lived as a hairdresser in St. Louis for the past six years, she never remarried, though she was with an abusive boyfriend not that long ago. The reason she came back at this particular time? She wants Lola to have a father, but Cookie doubts that she and Jamal ever had sex to begin with. Lucious, Vernon, and Cookie then make it to the Empire offices, where Andre pulls Lucious aside to tell him about a dinner set up with Terry Schiller, a well-known fund manager who could provide them with a serious dose of capital.

He gets rushed to the hospital, picking Anika to ride in the ambulance over Cookie, just as Jamal comes home to find Michael moving out. Before leaving, he does find out that Jamal slept with Olivia once, meaning that the baby could theoretically be his. He does get her to agree to come by putting her on the VIP list, though.

In the hospital, Lucious is faced with the damage he did to himself with the experimental drugs from Dr. Back at Empire, the final touches are being put in the investor showcase, with the consensus being that the sports division will lead the way and get the crowd energized. Through a conference call, Lucious strikes down that proposal and pushes the music back to the forefront, telling his employees that their music division is what will win these investors over.

Jamal and Hakeem will follow her in the lineup.

Sneak Peek: Anika And Lucious’ Relationship

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